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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bah 4.4: Rafizi Kantoi Isu NFC #TolakPR #Tolakfitnah


KL Chronicle is also keen to understand why in all this Rafizi hype and drama, Public Bank Berhad has chosen to be silent and not come forth to protect the confidentiality of its customers. The bank’s charter says explicitly,
  • We highly respect and thoroughly appreciate your concerns on the privacy and security of all personal information and financial transactions handled by us.
  • We will employ the tightest security architecture to prevent unauthorised access and ensure your peace of mind concerning all your transactions with us
  • We will pursue the strongest form of preventive and punitive measures against any party which attempts to compromise your right to transaction security and confidentiality.

KL Chronicle has discovered that the PBB bank documents of their customers National Feedlot Corporation Sdn Bhd, National Meat and Livestock Corporation Sdn Bhd, Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd, and that of Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Salleh Ismail continue to remain exposed in FULL PUBLIC DISPLAY on Rafizi’s blog site at -

Obviously, Rafizi cares not a damn with BAFIA and Bank Negara Malaysia nor the law. The bank documents have been there on his blog site RafiziRamliDotCom since 7 March 2012. This is tantamount to a slap on Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz’s face.

While Bank Negara Malaysia has begun legal action against Rafizi, it would have been good practice for Public Bank Berhad to have stated that no loans had been taken from their bank for the eight KL Eco City office lots claimed by Rafizi. PBB should also have come forward to underscore the fact that the RM71 million government deposit was never in peril as it had not been pledged for any loan whatsoever. And it would have been good governance if PBB took action against Rafizi for exposing its bank documents. But none of these were done.

And why not considering PBB is an award winning bank with a chartered customer promise?

The question then beckons, was Public Bank Berhad in collusion with Rafizi Ramli? After all, bank clerks would not have had access to such confidential information as claimed by their former clerk, Johari Mohamad.

The truth is likely to emerge when Rafizi’s BAFIA trial begins.

Association of Banks in Malaysia came out to articulate that client confidentiality or secrecy must be upheld at all cost. Chairman, Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar, said, “Banks, not just in Malaysia but worldwide, have zero tolerance towards any breach of banking secrecy. We will not hesitate to dismiss any employee found to have breached banking secrecy provision immediately"

BNM governor Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz was the first to speak up on BAFIA. In a media response she gave Bernama following complaints lodged to the central bank, Zeti said, 

“The confidentiality of customer information is clearly protected by the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (BAFIA).”

She pointed out that it was an offence under the Act for any officer of the bank to disclose any information relating to the account of its customer, and banks have in place control and effective processes to ensure compliance with this secrecy provision.

Zeti said it was only when there is a suspected offence under federal law or if there is a court order or where a customer has given consent, that relevant law enforcement agencies are authorised under the law to obtain information. This information must be obtained through Bank Negara Malaysia, and if the central bank says there is no foundation for it, the information will not be given.

In Rafizi’s case, neither BNM nor NFCorp nor its directors had given consent. And neither was Rafizi a law enforcement officer to be entitled to the bank documents. One should also question if political wannabes such as Rafizi should be leading the Rakyat when what they promulgate are nothing but absolute lies laced behind veils of deceit in their pursuit for Putrajaya. The fact that Rafizi broke BAFIA laws and continues to do so, is appalling. 

Lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers. It is on this note that one can see the true character of this political melodramatist and his exaggerated plot to appeal to audiences for his personal political gain.

Rafizi and his political master Anwar Ibrahim need to be reminded on what the Almighty has decreed for those who partake in lies, distortions and misrepresentations -

“And do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know it.”
Al Baqarah - Verse 42

KL Chronicle thinks it is high time that Rafizi Ramli is sued heavily for all the defamation, lies, distortions and misrepresentations against NFCorp and its directors. There is enough evidence piled here for the court to throw the book at Rafizi. In fact, the charges brought against Salleh should also be reviewed and struck-out in the light that much of Salleh’s case was nothing but hyped-up lies, distortions and misrepresentations by the opposition.

The truth prevails on the rock hard evidence presented. The good shall always triumph over evil.

kepada ALLAH SWT kami berserah

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