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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Non-Muslim Vice President in PAS?

We are ready to accept a non muslim VP in PAS - Dzul

I read with surprise the announcement by Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad that PAS is ready to accept a Non-Muslim as its deputy president. This in itself shows PAS’s hypocrisy as during the early 1990s UMNO was accused of being “kafirs” for working together with MCA and MIC etc to run the government. However, I am not going to visit that as we all know that PAS’s main objective now is to capture Putrajaya together with is partners in PR i.e. DAP and PKR. Nevertheless, what I would like to highlight here are some questions that I think is worth discussing.

Official stand

The main question to ask now is, is Dr. Dzulkefly announcement yesterday is the official stand of PAS or was just a personal view? It has to be understood that PAS has its own Syura Council and its central working committee members. Were these committees consulted prior to the announcement by Dr. Dzulkefly?

Non-Muslim VP just a drama to get votes?

PAS is the only party in this country that has a religion to its name i.e. ISLAM. Say if now the position of VP is given to a Non-Muslim, what will be his roles and responsibilities? Would it be the same as what current VP’s are doing?

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acid generations x said...

rasa salah spelling tu..non muslin (muslim)

Puteri UMNO Bahagian Segambut said...

hehe noted. Thx dh betulkan