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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim Latest Sex Video

I have been looking around the blogs today and what surprised me was that news is going around of a second (2nd) sex video of Malaysia Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim would be exposed soon.

How many more videos of Anwar Ibrahim is out there?
What I am concern is that how many more sex video's of Anwar Ibrahim is available to various party in the country and across the world? It is important to note that if Anwar Ibrahim is the next prime minister of Malaysia, this videos can be used to blackmail Malaysia and the consequence would be that our progress and national security would be at the hands of irresponsible companies or even countries.

Firstly, I know Anwar Ibrahim has been going around the country, even to Europe and the States claiming that he was framed by UMNO and the government of Malaysia regarding his FIRST sex video. Well if he was framed, why hasn't Anwar Ibrahim sued Datuk Trio (Eskay, Thamby Chik and Shuib) for publicly humiliating him?

If he is saying that the courts are not independent, well wasn't he acquitted of sodomizing Saiful Bukhari Azlan by the very courts he is critizing?

Secondly, Husam Musa had previously challenged Datuk T to take a polygraph test to ensure that they were not lying that Anwar Ibrahim was the man in the FIRST sex video. Well Datuk T took the challenge on 1 condition. That Anwar Ibrahim is also to take a polygraph test. Both would take the test live in front of the Malaysian public. Why has Anwar Ibrahim not accepted this challenge? It is just a simple polygraph test.


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