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Monday, March 18, 2013

Surat Terbuka KL CHRONICLE Buat YB @TeresaKok #1Malaysia #tolakfitnah #tolakPR

Dear YB Teresa Kok,

This morning I received a very disturbing call from a community leader in P.122 Seputeh informing of the lies you have been spreading about me and my blog. It was alleged that you accused me of being paid by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to write 'lies' about you and to tarnish your image in the eyes of the public. 

Please be informed that I will not hesitate to take legal action against you if you do not deny uttering the following defamatory sentences against me: 

1. Suruh Najib jangan bayar sama itu KL Chronicle.. 

2. Itu KL Chronicle semua tulis perkara tipu tentang saya.. 

May i remind you YB Teresa Kok, As a citizen, I have every right to write what I think, and I write with facts which you have never,once, rebut. In total, I think i have written about 6 - 7 articles about you, with a wide ranging of issues starting from your various positions in DAP, Selangor Government and Parliament, your negligence towards your constituents in P122 Seputeh and much more. 

Dear YB, 

What do you have against me, a normal resident of P1.22 Seputeh who only expose your wrongdoing and weakness. Is this not what you are also doing in your various ceramah? I have not attended any of your ceramah since most of them are spoken not in Bahasa Malaysia and the functions are serve with liquor, which i do not consume. 

I welcome you to rebut the following articles that i have wrote against you. Some of the significant article i wrote against you was :

In that article, as a rakyat, i am obliged to highlight the non performance of my own member or parliament. To my delight, your personal assistant (or may it be yourself) responded to the article by giving this statement with i had pick up from The Mole. 

On the 30th of January 2012, I wrote an open article criticizing Seputeh Member of Parliament (MP), Teresa Kok for her ignorance and elegant absence from her constituency i.e. Seputeh. The article was then picked up by The Mole on its website and published on the 3rd of February 2012.

Thanks to the admin of The Mole, Teresa Kok responded to my article. Some “interesting” responses are in point form below:

1. Teresa Kok said she never received official complaints from Taman Desa stallholders whose stalls were damaged during a storm last month.

2. Admitted to have yet to visit any of them.

The fact is the article was not a lie and you admitted to not visiting any of the victims. 

This article was pick up by me on Malaysia Digest. In the article it was alleged that :

Yesterday, an email was sent to the media alleging Kok’s personal assistant by the name of Gary Chong “going around selling table to major developers in Selangor for a dinner at RM10,000 to RM20,000 per table”.

“Also, please explain on The Star paper story on 20-4-2009 on this Gary Chong allegedly obtain a bungalow lot at a huge discount and also a black Toyota Camry from one developer. You only replied and explain that all accusations are baseless. If so, why you did not take any actions against The Star? The only action you have taken is removing him as MPSJ Councillor.”

Please sue Malaysia Digest if you think they had defamed you. However, until now you have not taken any action. 

Sebagai seorang pengundi di Kawasan Parlimen Seputeh, saya agak hairan dengan ahli parlimen saya dari DAP, YB @teresakok. Sejak PRU-2008 saya x pernah nampak YB sorang ni di kawasan Taman Danau Desa, Taman Desa dan Teratak Muhibbah yang mana semua kawasan tersebut adalah dibawah Parlimen Seputeh. 

Adakah kerana majoriti penduduk di sini adalah orang Melayu, dan sememangnya orang Melayu tidak mengundi DAP pada PRU yang lepas, kami dianak-tirikan dan diabaikan? 

This article was written on June 19, 2012 and up till now, nearly 9 months after it was written you have still not visited these two (2) places i mentioned above. 

So YB, please retract your statement before i proceed with legal action against you for defaming me. 

U Ulang I Saman U !


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