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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jawapan untuk kartun bodoh Zunar #tolakPR #tolakfitnah

Ramai yang terpinga-pinga mengapa Angkatan Tentera Diraja Malaysia menggunakan khidmat peswat Air Asia untuk menghantar anggota tambahan ke Sabah untuk operasi di Lahad Datu. Ada yang berkata ini adalah kerana pesawat Hercules milik TUDM rosak dan tak mampu terbang. Ada juga yag berkata ini semua helah Tony Fernandes nak buat duit. Ini semua spekulasi bangang yang tidak berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Komik khas ini dihasilkan untuk menjawab persoalan di atas. 



Take a look at my photos. Why make issue our troops flying commercial. Its cheaper, faster and more comfortable. I just cannot show the US and UK troops and many other troops I organized flights for bcoz i signed non-disclosure agreements. But they all fly commercial. I signed many of the movement contracts myself. I know the difference in cost between Military movement and civilian aircraft movement.
You guys are making comments demoralising our troops just to get at the government.
Very disappointing and sad.
Even if our boys ride these comfortable planes with movies and good food, do you seriously think they are enjoying themselves knowing this ride may be their last?

DAP Teng, apologise if you're a man bcoz you're damaging the opposition's cause due to your ego.

Of course I cannot post this on YB Teng's thread because he removed many of my explaination as he has no answers and prefers to put his head in the ground hoping it will go away.

To entertain yourself I copied it in anticipation of its removal :

I posted :

I'm not a fan of the Government.

But this is brilliant.
An A320 can fly to Sandakan / Tawau from West Malaysia in just over 2 1/2 hours carrying 170 pax and at least 5 tons of cargo. In a 24 hour period 1 A 320 can mobilise at least 850 troops and 25 tons. Using three will triple that.
The biggest transport aircraft RMAF has is a C130 and it can carry half the load at twice the time required.
Using Air Asia is indeed smart. Its will also work out to be more economical.
Think with eyes wide open, ears ready to listen.
Clearly you're out of your depth here.

YB Teng replied;

Those who want to comment, please read my comment carefully. I have full respect for our security personnel but I'm questioning the handling of the whole incident and preparedness of our leaders in matter of this nature.

I replied :

YB Teng, You post a picture of our troops boarding an Air Asia A320. Then you said ;

"Oh! Oh! Our army has to catch commercial flight AirAsia to Lahad Datu to fight a war! That is only a fighting a group of less than 200 people. How is our army going to fight a real war?"

My comment just clarifies why the move is a brilliant one. You put your foot in your mouth in this post. Don't alienate me and many others who are in essence swaying against the current Government.

You cast doubt when many want to vote your people in.
Who is saying is not as important as what is being said. Your being defensive is too obvious.

Dia Balas:

Xr Rider: I stand by my posts on this issue in my page. Don't look at this post in isolation. You may have your opinion against mine which i do not think it's so brilliant as you claim. You may not want to support us. So be it, this is democracy.

Belum menang dah bongkak. I thought Anuar and everyone else said every vote counts......

I rebutted again but he eventually removed my posts selectively and eventually banned me from posting.

He is sooooo BN. This Teng fellow who started this shit reeks of arrogance. And he has yet to win.


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