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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Recap kat sini ---> Part 1 incase kalau ada yang lupa

This is Part 2

Previously i had written an article about the scheme proposed by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government in enabling city dwellers to own a home/asset in Kuala Lumpur. The proposed scheme that was developed received many negative feedback from the opposition members, especially Tony Pua and Nurul Izzah. To counter this false allegations and lies, i have written the introduction and objective of this scheme in Part 1 of my article which can be read here.

As promised, the Part 2 of my article today would touch on two (2) aspects. The two (2) aspect of this proposed scheme are :

1. Objective of this scheme
2. Approach and process taken to develop the above mentioned scheme


The objective of this scheme is very simple which is:

1. To assist the government specifically the Ministry of Federal Territories and Well Being in the sale of PPR homes to the Rakyat

How : This is done is by providing an attainable and affordable payment package to the Rakyat.


The approach or process taken are as follow:

1. This scheme that was developed to assist the Rakyat is a Public Sector Initiative (PSI)

2. A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company is created.

3. A payment scheme is developed.

4. Once of all this has been completed, the next process is to obtain a funder for this project.

5. Once a funder has been determined, table the whole project to the cabinet for approval.


As you can see, the plan that was developed by Dato Raja Nong Chik and his ministry is very simple. There was a request by the current tenants of the PPR/DBKL flats for them to buy the flats that they are living in now.

Upon consideration, Dato Raja Nong Chik and his ministry AGREED to the request by the tenants. However, there was a major obstacle in the delivery of the request, where majority of the tenants could not obtain a bank loan.

Identifying this as a major problem to the Rakyat, Dato Raja Nong Chik took the opportunity to explore various other methods to assist this group of people and thats where this housing scheme comes into place.

Personally, i think this is a classic example that shows how a government should function. Listen to the grouses and complains of the Rakyat, think of ways to tackle the problem and provide solution.

However, up till now, Nurul Izzah and Tony Pua has done NOTHING besides attacking the FT Ministry and EPF for abusing funds and what not. My challenge to them is, think of ways to tackle the problem of urban poor and provide solutions! not talk to the media. How long , nor how many media channels that the opposition engaged would still not solve the problem.

To Dato Raja Nong Chik, Congratulations!

Part - 3 of my article will explain in a flow diagram of how this scheme payment structure is, how is the fund from EPF going to be used and finally a rebuttal to all allegations by the opposition.

Berkhidmat utk rakyat, dan kepada ALLAH swt kami berserah.

Source: Kuala Lumpur Chronicle


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