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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pei Koe Jailed By Singapore For Being A Kiasu

 We would like to congratulate Majistrate Muhamad Hidayat Wahab for sentencing Leong Pei Koe, a Malaysian who recently received his Singaporean permanent resident-ship over the charge of giving obscene gesture to Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah as her official vehicle passed through Bayan lepas International Airport's departure hall on February 13, and over the same gesture given to a police officer, ASP Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid who was at the same place, date and time.

Leong Pei Koe is sentenced to 30 days jail term and RM6,000 fine or two month jail term if he fails to pay the fine on the first charge, and 7 days jail term and RM2,000 fine or a month jail term if he fails to pay the fine on the second charge.

Leong Pei Koe is not a child nor a teenager, he is 29 years old. However, Pei Koe, just like any other Malaysian Chinese, cannot express their loyalty towards Malaysia. Instead, they still practice on their racism and their kiasu-ness.

Kiasu brings the meaning of refuse to lose, and Singapore was born from this behavior where the Chinese refuse to accept the fact that they would fall under the leadership of Malay government.

Being kiasu kills humanity. Moral values such as being humble and respecting others would never exist in people who are kiasu. In other words, they are often rude. So it is not surprising when Pei Koe continued showing obscene gestures even though he was warned by the police. He also said,"Malays do not have any power in Penang, because the state is owned by the Chinese."

Pei Koe seems to show the same hate which was shown by DAP back during the May 13, 1969 tragedy, It is clear that such spirit has never really sank and only proves that DAP still breathe with racism.

Actually, if you did or do have Chinese friends from other countries who are kiasu, you can see how being rude is something normal for them. Spitting into garbage bins, blowing their nose in public, eating like they have never eaten all their life, those are all part of their culture.

If you observe even closer, you will find that they would never say anything like 'thank you', or 'sorry; or even an 'excuse me' as part of their daily interactions. They would never even admit any of their mistakes, until they are stuck like Pei Koe. They are also often unashamed if their lies are exposed because to them, they are far more superior than other races and the world belong to them.

Do you still remember how Singapore remain quiet when Wikileaks revealed a private conversation between their leader with America where the Singaporean leader ended up describing leaders of other countries as 'idiots, 'slow', 'no credibility' etc.? Up until now, Singapore is still yet to apologize. Instead, they simply act as if nothing happened.

However, we cannot deny that not all Chinese are kiasu. Malaysian Chinese who live in rural areas or areas with Malays as its majority do have high moral values.
But other than them, especially Singaporean Chinese, are extreme kiasu. They often look down upon other races and they would never leave any room for other races to compete with them.

Sadly, Singaporean Malays are still living in denial. In some cases, we could see how some Singaporean Malays believe that they are born as second class citizens.

Even though many of us may have misjudged on the fact that even if not all Chinese are kiasu, they still hold on to one thing, they would never give any chance to other race in terms of work or business no matter how polite or hard working we are. They would only use as their 'network' or 'knowledge' instead.

And Pei Koe is the reflection of a true kiasu Chinese in DAP as well as PAP.

However, the question here is, what makes Pei Koe that brave that he could do such a thing? Is it because he thinks that he would be given the chance to meet with any Ministers and he would later benefit from what he did?


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