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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Facts On Lynas Factory That You Wanted To Know

Rare earth is a metal classified as strategic.

China is now close to full monopolistic on rare earth globally.

Ironically rare earth, despite attempts to associate it with radiation effects, it is mostly used in the development of green technology (to preserve the environment).

Rare earth is the most important component in manufacturing smartphones and electronic cars (which is expected to become the main vehicle in the future).

Perhaps many do not know, but the Lynas factory in Kuantan is one of the two factories that was developed to ensure that China does not own full monopolistic on rare earth.

Another similar factory was developed in the Californian desert nearby Death Valley.

The biggest benefits for China aside from exporting the material, is bringing in big world companies to invest nearby the substance mine in that country.

Like every sentence in the New York Times last March 13 edition:

Even if the West and Japan overcome the stiff challenges of winning their case at the World Trade Organization,it could still take several years before Beijing changes its policies — by which time companies in the West and Japan could have moved even more of their factories that use rare earth metals to China.

Indirectly, China monopoly rare earth could enable them to enjoy high foreign investment from various world viable developed companies.

Malaysia should also gain the same benefits with building a Lynas factory. When most gigantic companies turn to China, the Lynas factory will open space for Malaysia to obtain direct high foreign investment interest.

The failure of the Lynas factory in Malaysia will inflict a financial loss to this country and a very big profit for China.

The factory in Gebeng is the biggest in the world and will help produce one fifth of the world’s rare earth. Image the profit and the total of world gigantic companies especially from Japan that will invest in Malaysia?

China’s move to impose restrictions on rare earth sales on Japan due to a district conflict in 2010 became a clear sign that the rising sun country will bring in huge investment to this country and would no longer depend on China.

Research by IAEA or International Atom Energy Agency and PAS Parliament Members who is also a nuclear science member dismissed that the Lynas factory is dangerous. IAEA however did give a statement so that Lynas and the government communicate more often with the community and plans for long-term disposal of rare earth filtered material be introduced.

DAP was alleged by many parties especially bloggers as the mastermind that helped China ensure that Malaysia did not own a rare earth factory.



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