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Thursday, March 8, 2012

So Fuziah, What's Next?

Rare earth waste to be send abroad

I read with pleasure the article by The Malaysian Insider yesterday, relating to the LYNAS issue where LYNAS pledged to send its rare earth waste abroad. The full article can be read here. Important issue to note here is as follow:

1. Rare earth waste to be send abroad
2. No rare earth waste would be dumped/buried in Malaysia
3. Argument by Fuziah Salleh (Kuantan MP) on LYNAS

I would elaborate and dissect information pertaining to Lynas in this article. To do that, let's examine what statements was said previously by Himpunan Hijau related to LYNAS. In understanding the statements that was made previously, i would then demonstrate to my readers action taken by the government to address the issues that was brought up by the opposition.

Himpunan Hijau's Arrogance
“We want a decision to be made in 24 hours, or else our committee will start immediately on a bigger demonstration... to make sure either we bring down Lynas or bring down this government. You change your decision or we change you.”
Wong said while the Najib administration may be in power now, the radioactive waste that will be produced at the Lynas Corp plant in nearby Gebeng will persist for much, much longer. - Himpunan Hijau Chairman Wong Tack
Above is the excerpt of a statement made by Himpunan Hijau Chairman Wong Tack. The interesting fact is that i personally think that Wong Tack is one arrogant person who threatens the government in public. Credit to the government for not taking action against people like Wong Tack and showing restraint and calmness. This further shows that freedom of speech is alive in this country.
I would like to highlight the second part of Wont Tack statement where he made it very clear that the radioactive waste that would be produced by Lynas will persist much longer in this country. Well, this is not clearly the case now. As mentioned by LYNAS and Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, the waste would be send abroad. Therefore no waste would be kept in Malaysia. So can Wong Tack and himpunan Hijau now apologize to the government for misleading the public?
Fuziah Salleh's never ending excuses

Kalau x gentar bila nak debate dengan pemimpin BN? kenapa banyak alasan?

For full article please click THE KUALA LUMPUR CHRONICLE


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